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Become a job provider...

Empowering Youth with Skills to Build the Stronger Nation

Becoming a job provider is vital as it not only supports individual growth but also contributes to nurturing entrepreneurship, driving innovation, fostering economic prosperity in Bharat, and creating a positive ripple effect that uplifts communities.

Skill Development

Resources for Skill Development


Non-profit, India; Govt. (49%), private sector (51%) JV. Funds skill training, ensures quality, encourages private investment in 37 sectors, boosting workforce & economy.


IITs & IISc’s Indian initiative: 600+ online courses in engineering, sciences & more. Flexibility via pre-recorded content & quizzes. Free courses, paid certificates. Translations for wider accessibility, promoting pan-India learning.


Indian gov. accessible education initiative: Free online courses school to post-grad, video lectures, reading, tests, forums. Earn certificates via proctored exams.

Skills Build

Offers tech, workplace skills incl. leadership, communication, programming. Aligned with jobs, awards digital credentials.


Elevate career with nasscom certs. Master digital tech, professional skills. Industry-standard assessments for certification. Tech career gateway.


Tata Consultancy Services unit: Integrated cloud solutions for manufacturing, education, exams. IT-as-a-Service model streamlines via pre-integrated hardware, software, services.

E-Skill India

Indian online platform connects individuals with training, jobs, education. Bridges job seekers, employers, institutes, enhancing skill, employability.

Bharat Skills

Central Repository for skills provides NSQF curriculum, materials, videos, tests. Initiative under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

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What is MySBA?

Discover the essence of MySBA - an initiative passionately dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurship and empowering the youth of India.

How can I get involved with MySBA?

Learn how you can actively engage with MySBA through participation in our enriching workshops, mentorship programs, and thought-provoking entrepreneurial events.

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Explore the wide reach of MySBA's initiatives, tailored to benefit aspiring entrepreneurs, students, professionals, and individuals driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship.

What resources does MySBA provide for startups?

Uncover the valuable resources MySBA offers, including personalized business mentorship, networking opportunities, and skill development initiatives to fuel the growth of startups.

Our Patrons

Meet the Invaluable Patrons of MySBA

Shri Sridhar Vembu

CEO of Zoho Corp

Shri Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji

Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation

Smt Kiran Chopra

Director at Punjab Kesari

Shri RS Sodhi

Former MD at Amul